Our natural wooden toys are a perfect for developing motor skills, but what many people don’t realise is that motor skills aren’t just about how you move, they fall in two categories, gross motor skills and fine motor skills.

Gross motor skills are the large movements your child makes with their head, body, arms, legs or any other area of their entire body. So things like climbing, crawling, running, and jumping fall in the gross motor skills category. These are vital in early stages of development for improved body movement such as walking, balance, coordination, and even reaching out for things

Our toys such as climbing frames are perfect for developing these skills.

Fine motor skills are the smaller actions you make. When picking up things with your fingers, such as a pencil, or fastening a button your child is using fine motor skills. In order to develop these skills, we have a range of toys such as our Alphabet Blocks and Abacus that are perfect for ensuring your child’s fine motor skills develop in the most natural way possible.

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